ART PRINTS ON PAPER: White Border Yes/No

Please note: For art prints on paper, select from the dropdown White Border: YES or NO when ordering your print. 

If you wish for your print to have a 'self' white border (which means a few CM of unprinted space around all four sides included in the print size dimensions) select YES, which will mean your print will look like our website images we list. This is not a mount card or matting in the frame, but a few centimetres of white unprinted border for a contemporary look when framed - and to give some breathing space between the artwork and the frame edge.

Or if you want the paper to fill the entire sheet, please select NO WHITE BORDER from dropdown. This will mean the artwork printed completely 'edge to edge' and no white border appearance. This often is chosen if you want to self-frame and your frame has a matting with a window opening. We recommend measure the inner window and choose our print and request 'NO' white border. 

Scroll down to 'border info' chart below the size chart for more info.

Border Alignment Information for our Paper Art Prints (does not apply to stretched Canvas prints):

White Border width measurements in centimetres if select this option on the Dropdown:

(i.e a 75 x 100cm print, which has 5cm white borders, will mean the artwork design will fill 65 x 90cm rectangle area, and the rest as 5cm white unprinted white borders, overall print size 75x100cm, as an example). 


What size do i need if buying an Ikea frame?

If buying an Ikea frame such as a 50x50cm frame, or 61x91cm frame ( or any frame with matting mount board card) that you want to keep in the frame, then we suggest check their website for the dimensions for the inner part of the matting. Then, order the size and request in the comments box on the 'Cart' page : 'print edge to edge no white border". For example , their 50x50cm frame, if leave the mount card in , would work best with our 30x30cm print (printed edge to edge, no white border). Their 61x91cm frame, if kept the mount card in, would work best with our 50x70cm print (printed edge to edge, no white border). OR if take the mount card out of the frame, we suggest just go our 61x91cm print and most customers choose YES to a white border.

Most customers choose to have a white border on their paper Art Print, simply to give some 'breathing space' between the artwork design and the frame edge,  and look like our imagery on our website. But if you want the artwork to fill the entire sheet , simply choose NO WHITE BORDER from the dropdown list when ordering your unframed print. Your art print will then have no white border on the edges.

If there is a size you need, that it appears we don't list, we can adjust (no extra cost) the artwork file to print to your requested dimensions, on the 'next size up' we offer, if we list that on our Size options. Then you can trim down the paper sheet when receive , to fit your frame.

For example, if you buy the Ikea 50x70cm frame , and want to keep their matting mount card in, then you would need artwork to fill 40x50cm. We don't carry this size but we do have similar, being our A2 size (42x59.4cm). Write on the Comments box at checkout "Please adjust to print 40x50cm, rest left as white for the A2 print". Trim down edges if required once receive.

Still unsure? Live Chat us on our chat button during business hours or email us with details about the frame you have bought or intending to buy yourself, and what size print we recommend. We are happy to help!

Size Charts For Framed Paper Art Prints:
Size Chart For Unframed Paper Art Prints:
Size Chart For Stretched Ready-To-Hang Canvas Prints (No Box Frame:)
Note: Add 4cm extra to the height , and also to the width, if adding a Box floating frame